Geotechnical Engineering Services
Our Geotechnical Engineers specialize in developing comprehensive assessment and evaluation programs, which provide dependable design and construction recommendations.

Our Geotechnical Engineering skills and capabilities are routinely applied to soil and foundation work for roadway pavements, bikeways, bridges, abutments and retaining walls, underground utilities.

Including water, storm and sanitary sewers, high rise buildings including multilevel parking garages, tower structures, Silo’s storage tanks and buried tanks, commercial and industrial buildings, parking lots, residential developments including buildings, streets, utilities, detention ponds etc..

We have experience in shallow/deep foundations and various soil stabilization methods.

Our Geotechnical testing skills and capabilities also include subsurface drilling and sampling, laboratory soil testing, performing Slope Stability analysis, Settlement analysis and Forensic studies using the state of arts equipment and software. ATL takes pride in the way that our reports are formatted and detailed, making them quick and easy for clients to use.

Subsurface Drilling and Sampling and Field Testing
Soil Classification and Laboratory Soil Testing
Potential Vertical Rise (PVR)
Foundation Design Recommendations for Drilled Piers,
   Driven Piles, Auger Cast Piles, Spread Footings,
   Mat Foundations, Post-Tensioned Slab, etc.
Pavement Design
Earth Pressure Recommendations for Gravity, Sheet Pile, Soldier Pile, Drilled Pier,    Reinforced Earth Retaining Walls, etc.
Recommendations for Underground Utilities including Excavations, Trench Safety,
   Earth Pressures, Groundwater Control, Backfilling, Etc.
Slope Stability Analysis
Settlement Analysis
Forensic Studies

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