Construction Material Testing & Inspection Services
Quality control/quality assurance through materials testing and inspection provides the evidence needed to establish confidence to all concerned that the materials and techniques used are in compliance with the general intent of plans and specifications of the project. Construction material testing services include, but not limited to the following:

Stabilization Inspection & Compaction
Drilled Pier Inspection
Mix Design & Batch Plant Inspection
Cast-In-Place & Precast Inspection
Post Tensioning and Concrete Coring
Structural Steel Inspection (Welding, Bolt Torque & Fabrication)
Asphaltic Concrete (Laboratory & Field)
Asphaltic Concrete Design & Pavement Evaluation
Roofing, Fireproofing and Paint Inspection
Masonry Inspection and Testing
Concrete Aggregate Analysis (Sieve and Hydrometer)
Compression and Flexural Testing

The field and laboratory data together with our engineering analysis and recommendations are presented in a materials testing report. ATL takes pride in our in-house computer capabilities and offers materials testing report with computer generated visuals of the blue prints with markings that monitor placements, pin-point failures, and establish a continuous sequence of construction events.

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